Strain Gauge

For over 70 years, the Sensing Devices Division of MinebeaMitsumi has been manufacturing high quality measurement components utilizing bonded resistance strain gauge technology. These strain gages are tailored for force, torque, pressure and displacement measurements within industrial, medical, aerospace and consumer industries.

NEW Strain Technology Developed by MinebeaMitsumi
In 2017, MinebeaMitsumi succeeded in developing the Minege product, a new ultra-high sensitivity strain gauge film that demonstrates higher sensitivity (>5X) than conventional materials with a reduced footprint (1/10th). Anticipated applications in the future include human-like touch feedback for robotics and innovative interface solutions for the automotive industry.

Load Cell

MinebeaMitsumi manufactures load cells that use strain gage to convert tension, compression or mass into electric signals. Load cells, connected to various measuring devices for measuring purposes, display, record, control and keep track of the loads.


Smartphones and mobile devices


Weighing Scales


Medical devices

Construction machinery

Bath scales

Automotive components

Machine tools