NMB-Minebea India - a wholly-owned subsidiary of MinebeaMitsumi

NMB-Minebea India Private Limited was established in 2013 with the objective of strengthening MinebeaMitsumi’s business operations and expanding its sales activities for the new customers in the Indian market.

MinebeaMitsumi strives to boost its sales activities, which will be tailored to the various needs of local users and customers by way of gaining recognition and enhancing the visibility of MinebeaMitsumi products in the Indian market as well as strengthening its sales promotion in a proactive manner in collaboration with its distributors, agencies and subcontractors through creating robust network with them.

NMB – Gurgaon, NMB – Pune, NMB – Chennai

Minebea Intec – Banglore, Mach Aero – Banglore

U-Shin: R&D