Cooling Fans

MinebeaMitsumi manufactures high-end fan motors with MinebeaMitsumi ball bearings, and fan motors with long-life sleeve bearings, which make a great contribution to motor precision and reliability.
Most of parts used in these motors – from ball bearings, casing, impellor and shaft – are produced in-house, giving MinebeaMitsumi unmatched advantage in terms of quality, supply capabilities, manufacturing costs and speed of delivery.

1. AC Axial fans
AC Axial Fan: Range in size from 60mm to 150mm; IP54 rated fans
2. DC Axial fans
DC Axial Fan: Range in size from 25mm to 200mm
3. DC centrifugal blowers
DC Centrifugal Blowers: Range in size from 45mm to 145mm
4. Harsh Wet Fans
Harsh/Wet Environment Fans: IP69K-rated cooling fans for harsh environments
5. Refrigeration Fans
Refrigeration Fans: Designed for -40˚C temperature applications, and feature sizes from 80mm to 125mm with Low noise, low power consumption delivering from 22.25 to 76.63 CFM
6. PWM Speed Control Fans
PWM Speed Control Fans: Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) fans for tailored to specefic application and operating conditions
7. Automotive Fans
Automotive Fans


Consumer Appliances

Medical Devices


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